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Cool! Freaky but cool.

Started by EvilAndrew, 2005-07-25T11:20:07-05:00 (Monday)

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MIT ran an experiment where 100 of their students were given cell-phones running custom tracking/interaction software.  They then compiled all the movement and call information and were actually able to predict student behavior using data-mining.  It’s easy to see that  data-mining can predict human tastes in movies, music, and books but predicting movements and other behaviors is kind of a new idea.  It sort of makes you feel like an animal whose migration is being charted by a zoologist.

Wired’s story

The Projects’s site



I'm all for new technology but stay the hell away from me with that kind of stuff.  Call me a tree hugging hippie liberal (hey I am..) but I'll take my personal freedoms over anything else.
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