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Web Designer - Center for Online Learning

Started by Bernard Waxman, 2005-08-10T10:51:03-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Bernard Waxman

Job Code   
Department   Center for Online Learning
Date            August 10, 2005

Job Summary   This position is responsible for supporting the development of online learning materials in the Center of Online Learning for the Federal Reserve System.

Job Duties
ÂÃ,§       Develop web-based materials according to
        specifications in design documents

ÂÃ,§   Use Dreamweaver, JavaScript, server-side scripting
        languages (Cold Fusion) and Flash to support course
        and tool development

ÂÃ,§   Learn new software skills as required for
        development (as technology changes)

ÂÃ,§   Assist in testing and implementation of online
        courses and tools

ÂÃ,§   Communicate with Center staff to get instructions
        for the type of software to use, the approach to
        building pages, databases, etc. and to be sure that
        the development is consistent with team standards

ÂÃ,§   Additional duties may be assigned as needed

Job Qualifications
ÂÃ,§        Web design and development experience required

ÂÃ,§        Development experience with Dreamweaver required

ÂÃ,§    Communicate effectively in both an oral and written
ÂÃ,§    Interest in education and training preferred

Education And Experience Sophomore level or higher preferred

Hours                    20 hours per week (M-F)

Rate of Pay        $15.00/hour