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Qwute of the Day

Started by Sheila Shahpari, 2005-07-25T13:39:24-05:00 (Monday)

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Sheila Shahpari

"Department Store like to make money.  They put little tiny plant outside.  Many people, including my wife, buy plant.  Christmas time, they get a man with red robe to take pictures."

 :-?  :-?  :-?  :-?


If he gave the same analogy to my class, I believe that was part of a story about object oriented programming or something and Walmart just adds a department for Christmas.

Something about broken English in "Deep Thoughts: by Jack Handy" fashion just cracks me up.
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Sheila Shahpari

Wouldn't that be a hilarious SNL sketch?  A wise Chinese philosopher who gives Qwutes as advice to people who come to see him.  MWAHAHAA :lol:


I think this one is about inheritance.

An analogy is suppose to help you understand complex concepts by relating them to simpler, more well understood concepts. The funny thing about these analogies (funny in a sad way) is that you have to understand the more complex concepts first to see how they relate to the simpler ones.

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