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Would the real CAOS Admin. please stand up

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2005-08-01T11:20:30-05:00 (Monday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

The Computer Science Dept. is trying to find out who the current administrator of caos.siue.edu is.  We have a few things to speak to him/her about. If anyone remembers who this person is please e-mail his/her name (and any available contact info.) to the cs-support e-mail address at siue.edu.

It is possible that a new Admin. was elected and was never given the password.  If this is the case then we would be happy to break into the machine and reset the password.  However, we would rather not do that if an elected administrator is available.

Thanks for the help,
R. Andrew Lamonica
SIUE Dept. of Computer Science


I can picture the guy in my head, but I can't remember his name.  
Bryan Grubaugh
Quickly aging alumni with too much time on his hands
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The last Admin I remember is John-Paul. :S That's been awhile though. If someone has the database password, so the admin password string can be copied over by his password string and he can log-in and change the password, or, you can find the password for CAOS_Admin. That's an alternate admin account I created in case of something going wrong with the Regular Admin account. I think I forgot to mention that when I retired. *whistles* And I don't know the password to it. Victor might though. Well, that one you might want to hack the password to, like give it Jerry's Password or someone else's.
Retired webmaster of CAOS.

Brad Nunnally

I remember his first name being Chris and his last named started with an S. Sorry thats all I got
Brad Ty Nunnally
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Peter Motyka

Chris Swingler - Beanie

Speaking of which, I have not seen him around here for quite some time....
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William Grim

Yeah, it is/was Chris Swingler.  As far as I know, he's not coming back to SIUE.  So, I gave the account information to cs-support.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley