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Microsoft vs. Google, PLACE YOUR BETS!

Started by Bryan, 2005-07-29T08:57:14-05:00 (Friday)

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It seems Microsoft is going ga ga for google over hiring a former MS employee.  I think the big question will be: Is his new job competing with MS or is it just a job for google?

My pick: GOOGLE!
Bryan Grubaugh
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Maybe its more like a bunch of three year olds.  you know: "you can't be my friend if your his friend".  Sounds to me like they are just going to try and one-up each other.  I'm just waiting for a Google OS.  That's when the real fun starts.

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No matter how much I may dislike Microsoft or their business practices, I must give them one thing-they are badass when it comes to battling another company.

Microsoft doesn't like to lose.  They don't know how to anymore--they can't afford to.  They will make their stuff cheaper (free if neede), out advertise, out gun, and out manuever another company.  Regardless of whether Google may put out better software I believe Microsoft will win.

Just like Walmart does too.
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