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it's an itsy bitsy teeny weeny

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2005-08-04T14:39:19-05:00 (Thursday)

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Elizabeth Weber

Smaller than the average bear

I was stubbling around the net when I found that link above,
that tiny little thing on the end there, is an mp3 player.

I'm sure I haven't been paying enough attention to the fabulous new wizmos out there,
so this may be no amazingly small feet, but I'm finding myself stricken.
Closer and closer to the entire encyclopedia britanica on the head of a pin.
Want one, need one, no THREE.

~Elizabeth Weber

Peter Motyka

Wow, what a clever form factor.  Ultra small, in size...and storage capacity :(  Having just aquired a 30GB iPod, I'd feel cramped on such a device.  The built-in FM tuner is a neat idea though...

Now that you bring up portable digital media players, I highly recommend the iPod.  Despite being ultra trendy, it is a highly functional device that has great usability features.  The touch sensitive wheel/disc thingy is awesome!
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Elizabeth Weber

I just noticed they also have a 1 GB model.
Both seem a leap above the 256MB player I currently have that always starts at the beginning, can't shuffle, and runs on AAA batteries.

Money and luxury I won't be affording, but cool nonetheless.
~Elizabeth Weber

bill corcoran

yeah, it's nice and small in one dimension, but when you take into account the fact that it is identical in each of its three dimensions, it seems like it would be a rather obtuse object to have in your pocket.

on the other hand, it's pretty price competitive and it sports an OLED display, which is way cool.  yeah, it's got an FM tuner, but who really cares?  "the radio" pretty much sucks.

i wonder if it requires the use of dookie software to load music onto it.

still, can't hold a candle to the king.  long live the click-wheel.