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Has anyone tried FreeNX yet?

Started by Stiffler, 2005-08-02T16:52:27-05:00 (Tuesday)

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I was introducted to a program called FreeNX sometime ago. It uses the free opensource libraries of the NX pay series. This was suppose to be fast like you were actually sitting down at the Linux computer even over a dial-up connection do to a special compression they use. So, I tried and it, and it is very fast. I am impressed with it, and it's nice because I have one computer to maintain instead of several. The other computers are just windows machines and they use the free client to connect. I have tried other remote connections like VNC and remote X-Servers (these tend to cost money) and even cygwin. But, I will admit that setting up FreeNX was not as easy and I did need to spend a lot of time searching for answers.

I was wondering if anyone here ever used it and what your thoughts on it were. The clients use ssl to connect, so it is secure. Would it be possible for the servers at school? I know grim was trying to get Linux on Lab computers, so would this be easier to maintain one Linux machine instead of a whole bunch? Although this gets in the Debate about OSes installed locally or having dumb terminals and one main server.

But all I know is that it is fast and I have a hacked up KDE with special patches from the KDE Improvement site and these hacks carry through on FreeNX, but they didn't on VNC. :S However, FreeNX is at version 0.43 where as VNC cygwin are very stable and have stood the test of time. Well, I have links to the sites at the beginning, so you can read for yourself. hmm. I dunno. I just find this interesting. I get all hyper at new technologies and stuff. I think this does have potential. Well, what do you all think?
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