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SIUE Parking Policy

Started by anguyen, 2005-08-24T03:51:56-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Brad Nunnally

I have only ever had one problem with these guys. Last semester I walked up to my car at around 2 in the afternoon and some guy was writing me a ticket getting ready to put it on my car. At the time I had a night time pass and was parked in one of the red lots since it was before 3. I told him that he shouldn't give me a ticket since I am allowed to park in the red lots. He said that with a grey pass I can only park in the lots after 3 p.m. When I told him he was wrong he wouldn't believe me. In the end I had him get his supervisor to drive over and together we told him that grey passes are ok in the red lots and my ticket disappered. My only wonder over the whole situation was how many other grey pass people got a ticket before I was able to correct the guy. :-?
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William Grim


Yeah, I would say that green tags should offer valet service.  I mean, for $100, why can't this be done?!?  I feel cheated with the extra long walk from the green lots to the building 100 meters away!!!
William Grim
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Matthew Thomas

All I can say is, it's about g-d time $IUE did something like this.

Last October, I broke my ankle in two places. But because I was struggling in class, I made the (in hindsight) stupid decision to go to school instead of a doctor.

Every single day I had class the VC lot was full not only of people who had red stickers, but there were yellow and green. This pissed me off to no end because that meant:
1. People who lived ON CAMPUS were hogging up valuable parking spots for commuter students
2. People who had permission to get way better spots to the rest of campus were hogging up valuable parking spots for commuter students.

Anyway, after circling the over-sold VC lot, I had no choice but to park in the day-care lot, and walk to the EB.

Normally, this would not have been a big deal, but because I trekked as far as I did (before I got crutches), I damaged my ankle even more. I'm lucky it healed like it did.

If you take a look now, there is more than ample parking space in the VC lot. This is because only those who actually have a need to be in the lot are there.
Not those who are just conveniently "popping in" for their morning workout, and then oops, time for class, and after that, let's have lunch in the muc; Oh look, they have bowling! lets bowl a few games, oh ***! Another class... you get the idea.

This new parking scheme clears this kind of crap up.

Like I said, about g-d time.
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i think the daycare lot is actually an orange lot...  That is kinda stupid because its hard to know if the lot is a red lot with a faded sign, or if it is actaully an orange lot.

as for green people in the VC, i don't see the issue.  could be staff parking to actually go into the VC.  not that the EB lots are a long walk though.


Thank you all for your response to my post.  I never thought that we love talking about SIUE Parking Services so much :lol:.  I think that althought we all have different opinions, we all have the right to say whatever on our minds freely with the respect to other's.

As I said in this post before, I think we should have a web forum like this one for the whole university and I am trying to rally student support to ask the university to install one.  I'm still working on ideas and the draft of the proposal.  I'm posting the draft under a new post titled "A Forum like this...SIUE Web Forum".

Please read and make your comments.  Thank you.


The following email was sent to the faculty/staff email list after a similar discussion on these lists.  It's interesting if you follow the link and read about why the new brown pass was insituted, it turns out this was a suggestion by the Student Senate - your elected representatives!


The link below provides the rationale for the recent change of Lot F to a brown lot.
If you have further questions, please contact the Parking Services office, 650-3680.

Thank you.

look under "Parking & Traffic Committee" and choose Lot F issue
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Re: A Forum like this...SIUE Web Forum
I want to update this post by an email that I sent to Ms. Rakers, the editor of the Alestle, the student newspaper.

Dear Ms. Rakers,

Thank you for printing my letter to the editor "SIUE PArking Policy" in today issue of the Alestle. I found that it is interesting that the change in VC lot from red to brown was actually suggested by the Student Senate, yet we, students, did not have a clue where it came from. Should we have an instant communcation channel, e.g. an SIUE web forum, there would input from the general SIUE students to the Student Government and SIUE Parking Service, therefore, there would be no surprise when the parking policy is in place and working. This could be generalized for many situations and issues. Thus there are more compelling reasons for an SIUE web forum that I have proposed.

Please read more in CAOS forum regarding the update information Dr. Weinberg of the Computer Department, School of Engineering, SIUE found on recent change in SIUE parking.



Anh Nguyen



QuoteFor several years, students have expressed concern about the crowded parking conditions in Lot F.

Maybe SIUE parking service could claimed that many student complained that they could not find the parking space in that lot. But how many actually did that? and of what percentage of the whole student body here?

QuoteMany of the complaints involved students darting recklessly through the lot in search of open spaces, ultimately having to park in the fan parking area and making themselves late for class.

Maybe those students should remember the basic rule of first come first serve so that they might have to wake up and go to school a little bit early rather to run there in a rush not finding a close parking and then complain miserably?

QuoteAccordingly, Student Government brought the problem to the Parking and Traffic Committee. Representatives told Committee members that students would not mind paying more for a permit for that lot, if there were a better chance for them to find a parking space there.
:-?  :-?  :-?




Note: The below email is also CC'ed to the Alestle, the student newspaper.

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Dear Parking and Traffic Committee Representatives,

My name is Anh Nguyen, a senior student here at SIUE.  I have recently written
a letter to the editor about the lot F isssue, which was printed in the
Tuesday 8/30 issue of the Alestle.  I also posted that letter in the CAOS web
forum so that students or anyone having interest in this issue could comment
and voice their opinions.  From the response from the people who read it, it
seems that many are interested, making arguments and wanting to contribute
their opinions on the issue.  I think that it is a good idea that the
representatives of the Parking and Traffic Committee take a look at those
opinions and arguments and may clarify anything that is unclear.  It would be
good for an open and constructive dialogue on the issue.

Here is the link to the discussion on the CAOS web forum.



Anh Nguyen


I think the debate over the VC parking being red or brown and complaining about Parking $ervices's money-making tactics is missing the root problem here:  lack of red lot parking anywhere near the Engineering building.

The complaint that changed the VC lot to brown was that not enough students were able to park there.  The reason it was changed to red a few years ago is that nobody except the few with green tags could park near the Engineering and Science buildings.  Even as a red lot, there was not enough room; it always filled up early.  It is ridiculous to have to walk all the way from the fan lots to the Engineering Building just because your first class starts at 11 AM.

SIUE needs more parking near the EB.:yes:
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Date:  Thu, 8 Sep 2005 17:32:53 -0500
From:  anguyen@siue.edu
To:  alestleeditor@gmail.com
Subject:  Reply to Letter to the Editor/Web link to CAOS web forum

I forgot to include a web link to the CAOS web forum.  So here it is,




Thank you for your help.

Anh Nguyen

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 Subject: Reply to Letter to the Editor,
      To: alestleeditor@gmail.com

Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing my letter to the editor "Hurricane Katrina raises issues
beyond destruction" in today issue of the Alestle.  I've just read the other
letter to the editor "Parking service teaches students a valuable lesson" and
found many interesting ideas there.

I would like to ask you to forward my below email to the author of that letter
to the editor, Ms. Hayes, if possible.

Thank you very much for your help.


Anh Nguyen

Dear Ms. Hayes,

I've just read your letter to the editor on today issue of the Alestle and
found many of your ideas interesting.  The Computer Association of SIUE (CAOS)
has its own web news forum.  Everytime I write a letter to the editor, I also
post a copy of my letter in the Lounge forum section of the CAOS web forum for
everyone there to read and make their comments.  I've found this is a very good
way to exchange and share our knowledge and information in an almost instant
and interactive way.  I have learned a lot from people by just reading their
posts and comments there.

I would like to invite you to go there, join the forum, and maybe post anything
you have to say there, including the letter to editor "Parking service teaches
students a valuable person".  It is very easy to register to join the forum.
The CAOS web forum is very generous and open to everyone.  (I am not even a
member of the School of Engineering or Department of Computer).  All you need
to join there is your email address to register for a user name of your wish.
Please visit the CAOS web forum and see what is going on there.  I think you'll
like it.

Thank you very much for your letter to the editor that I have read in the
Alestle today.  I have learned many interesting things from it.


Anh Nguyen

SIUE Web Mail

----- End forwarded message -----

SIUE Web Mail


My only minor complaint is that the universal permit isn't accepted there.  I have a green tag...I'd like to workout before work/class sometimes.

no can do.  I wonder what the thought process for this was.

edit:  not to play devil's advocate or anything, but does anyone actually know the profit margin (if there is one) for the parking services money.  Everyone always seems to neglect the fact that running things cost money.  I keep hearing "SIUE  is out to make money" well, SIUE is a state institution.  It's not like anyone's directly pocketing this money.  Sure the people that work there get their salaries..and anyone that's had a real job knows the better you do your job, the more your raise is.  So those that are just doing their jobs can't be blamed.  Now maybe SIUE is making money from parking services.  After all it seems college students have problems keeping track of when their meter runs out, or comprehending parking rules, or...sometimes the stupidity of people amazes me, but I digress.  Ever think that maybe this money goes to other things that students take for granted?  Like that nice new blacktop path next to Dunham Hall..or..hell I can't think of any examples right now, but you get the idea.

It's in everyone's human nature to bitch, but on this one I say they did a good thing.  After all it wasn't so long ago that the VC was a green lot.
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