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CS news and CAOS Events

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2005-09-06T09:53:37-05:00 (Tuesday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

The CS Dept. is trying to increase traffic to its website and drum up general interest in all things SIUE-CS.  As you may have noticed, we have started adding departmental news/publicity items to our website (http://www.cs.siue.edu/news).  In support of this idea, however, we need CAOS’s help.  I would like to propose three steps that CAOS can take that should not be too much trouble, and would be a great help to this effort.

Tell us about your accomplishments: If any CAOS members do a cool project, win a CS related award, or otherwise make CS news, someone should let us know.  We love to post stories about individual student’s accomplishments and although I cannot guarantee that you will appear on the site, I can guarantee that anything we don't hear about won’t. ;-)

Tell us about events: When CAOS is going to hold an event and the details are finalized, please let us know.  The CS-support at SIUE address is the place to send info.  I always keep an eye on the CAOS website, but it is hard to know when an event is finalized.

Take pictures: The CAOS picture feed might not be working, but if you have an event I would love to have digital photos of it.  I’ll try and bring a camera to any events I can make, but I may not be available for all of them.

R. Andrew Lamonica
Instructional Support Specialist
SIUE Dept. of Computer Science